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At the Florida Sun Club, our mission is simple: to create vacation homes for the ultimate relaxation vacation.

We are often asked for our "best price" or if we give discounts on our quotes. 

And indeed, a lot of times we do offer our homes at a very generously priced rate.

But sometimes we don't and here is why:


Please understand that our prices/ quotes can be obtained on Home Away, VRBO or Fewo.

The price we quote through those search engines is our offer and our best price. 

Should you feel our product is worth less and our best price is too high, please do not make us guess what your best price might be. Send an offer and if you hear from us we will work with you.

If you don't you have saved both of us a lot of time. Thank you for understanding.

Next Time Someone Wants You to Do Something for Free, Consider This:
We need to value what it has taken us to get to this point.

 Serial entrepreneur and author@AGauthor
Value the time and money you have invested to get to this point.

We all have to deal with people wanting us to do things for free.

There are those who blatantly ask for it,

those who try to negotiate on price because that's what they do

and those who are just plain cheap.

What does it mean when someone wants us to do things for free or cheap?

It means they don't value what it is that we do. And in some ways, that is kind of insulting.

Over the years the projects that have caused me the biggest grief have always been

the free ones or the cheap ones.

I suggest you take a moment right now and think about the following. How many hours have you actually spent learning about what you do? How much time have you invested in educating yourself? How much money have you invested in your chosen endeavor?

How much as getting to this point cost you?

So as an example, I'm an author. How many hours have I spent learning to write books, publish them, promote them and leverage my knowledge? Easily 10,000 hours, in fact many more. How much have I invested in learning to be an author, promoting and leveraging my books? Easily $250,000 dollars over the past 20 years. Clearly that's a big investment and clearly I have accumulated a lot of information, knowledge and expertise, through a lot of trial and error and that is highly valuable. This means I should charge accordingly.

I'm sure that you are the same - you have invested a lot of time and money to get to where you are today and you are probably still investing time and money.

You have to value this investment and have the self respect to charge accordingly.

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